Privacy Policy

We’re all about privacy and will not share or sell your data to anyone. Here’s what we do, and don’t do, with your data in simple terms:

We use analytic tools, like Google Analytics, to see how many people visit our site, how long they stay, and other data that helps improve the online experience for you and other visitors.  Google collects data to varying degrees but we do not access that raw data from them in any manner. We just use the analytics. The servers and software that host and power our site may or may not collect data.  They probably do; they all do, don’t they? Similarly, we don’t access that data. 

When you place an order, you enter data about yourself that we do use.  We use it to ship you your order, contact you about your order, and we use your encrypted payment method to process funds for that order (we can’t see the number). We will use your email in future emails about new products, offers online, perhaps a newsletter, and other stuff to tantalize you and hopefully bring you back to our site.  When you receive your first email you can opt out very easily. There are also marketing tools that collect data and tell us which products you considered or if you got part way through a checkout cart and abandoned it for one reason or another. We will use those on occasion to reach out to you and see if you’re interested in completing your order. 

Suffice to say, we reach out to our fans with things we think they’ll be interested in and those fans can tell us to stop whenever they like.  We try not to be too invasive; we hope that’s ok.

In a nutshell, that’s what we do with your data.  We perused other Privacy statements and online templates that would put you to sleep if you read them, so we hope this direct approach is to your liking.

-Puzzle Rabbit