Lonely Spiral Jigsaw Puzzle

Lonely Spiral Jigsaw Puzzle
Lonely Spiral Jigsaw Puzzle
Lonely Spiral Jigsaw Puzzle

Lonely Spiral Jigsaw Puzzle

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Lonely Spiral: This image is from a set of Hubble observations which astronomers used to construct the "Cosmic Distance Ladder" - a set of connected measurements allowing the distances to the most distant astronomical objects to be determined. Astronomical distances are only directly measurable for relatively nearby objects - closer than 3000 light-years or so. For distances beyond this, astronomers rely on a set of measured correlations calibrated against nearby objects. UGC 9391 helped astronomers improve their distance estimates by providing a natural laboratory in which to compare two measuring techniques - supernova explosions and Cepheid variables. Improving the precision of distance measurements helps astronomers quantify how quickly the Universe is expanding - one of Hubble's key science goals.

The completed jigsaw puzzle is a beautiful poster. Made to deliver wholesome downtime for friends & family. Ships in gift-ready box for a show-stopping presentation.

* Satin finish image sublimated on chipboard
* Suitable for hanging and framing
* 16 x 20 inches, 500 pieces

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